Now taking orders for daylily plants for 2017. We ship heirloom vegetable seed year round.

Wrights Daylily Garden has elected to not use a shopping cart in the order process which would make the cost higher. You may order our plants simply by printing our order form and choosing the plants you would like , if you cannot print the order form use a blank sheet of paper and write the necessary information on it . You may pay by personal check , certified bank check or money order . If you would like to use Paypal send us an email with what you would like to order we will then send you a Paypal invoice. Paypal will process your credit or debit cards.
Please give all information found in our order form,shipping date,list for substitute or bonus plants,phone number and complete shipping address.
Minimum order is $30.00 , before postage is added .
We ship PRIORITY MAIL most of the time but may also use UPS on some orders.
You may send an e-mail to check for availability before sending your order if you like.

    Shipments to US only 48 states. Shipping begins April 1 , weather permitting. We will substitute only with your permission, with equal or greater value . Bonus plants will also be given . A list of substitute plants will help us to know what your choice might be . But we must select bonus and substitute plants on value and availability.
( NOTE) Please count your plants ordered carefully and add correct postage to keep your order from being delayed. We are trying to keep postage rates down due to ever increasing fuel prices.
 Postage will be $12.00 plus .50 cents per plant.
(NOTE) If you will provide your e-mail we will use it to let you know when we receive your order,when we plan to ship, plant availability, and to let you know day shipped along with your tracking number. We do not give out for any other purpose.
We cannot be responsible for growing conditions in your area. If you are not happy with your order, return within 24 hours with
labels on plants as received. We will refund your orginal purchase price in full, less your return postage. You are responsible for
return postage.

We are proud to offer the old heirloom bean seed. We feel they should be saved from extinction . They are much better tasting than the new hybrid beans offered commericaly. These have been passed down from one generation to the other for years. Some people say if a green bean does not have strings it is no good. These are all pole beans and will need to be trellised in some fashion for good results.  You will usually get several pickings from pole beans through out the year, where bush beans bear one crop all at once. The extra work sticking the pole type beans has its rewards. We hope you will plant some of our Applachian Heirloom Beans and keep the tradition alive. We sale packs of  125 or more seed enough to plant a 50 foot row. We call them starts as you can save your own seed from them for future planting and passing them along to gardening friends.  Print order form or write it out on paper include payment by check , money or PAYPAL. No minimum order on seeds.





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Please be sure the word "daylily" appears somewhere in the subject line of your e-mail message.

Any message without "daylily" in the subject line, may be automatically deleted.


If you do not hear back from us within 2 days, please re-send your email using the above instructions.  If you still do not hear back from us, please call  931-823-4014


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        The old lemon and orange daylily that abound around old homesteads and along roadways has been replaced by more than 48,000 modern plants . Most of the colors are available but for the purest of whites and truest of blues , which may soon be developed by the many hybridizers currently at work to develop these .
    Wrights Daylily Garden has had a hybridizing program ongoing for the past several years . We are pleased with the results .
    About growing daylilies we need not say but very little as they will just about grow themselves . They are close to being called the perfect perennial . They will however reward you with good care .
The new plants are not as completely carefree as their ancestors , but compared to many other plants , they can still be classified as easy care .

    Daylilies come in many different flower sizes from 1" to 11". Flower heights vary from 10" high to around 48" high . Flower types are available as double , fragrant , miniature , ruffled , spider and trumpet shaped flowers , as well as those with halos , eyed , edged , and the newest effect called by some sculptured .
    If you have an interest in flower gardening this year choose daylilies as your featured plant. Shipping begins April 1 . Early plants shipped in April are smaller than plants shipped later in the season, but when warmer weather arrives are more established and ready to perform for you. Get your order in early for your choice of plants, some are in short supply.
We do not recommend growing daylilies in pots.   
Prices are for
2 plants or double fan unless noted.


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